Nepalese First Formal Dance School Opens In Adelaide


fb_img_1481599246010The first formal private dance school of Nepalese is set to open in Adelaide from 8th January. The program will be delivered as “Grace Dance With Adelaide Nepal”. With the motto of “Learn culture,Have fun and Stay Fit” the Adelaide Nepal is set to teach the young generation the pure form of the Nepalese cultural dance. “Adelaide Nepal is a strong firm that helps international students from Nepal who are in Adelaide with a dream to pursue higher education. Moreover it also focuses on maintaining healthy and happy relationships among Nepalese in Adelaide. Adelaide Nepal is trying to connect Nepalese here and build a foundation of help and support between them” said Gokul Dhakal, the founder and president of Adelaide Nepal.



He added” this time we are opening a dance school, which I think will be the biggest platform to for our kids and adults to showcase their talent.It is the best way to mingle with community people.The best thing about it is we will be fit and healthy.” Mr.Dhakal told  Himalayan Kangaroo that the students will be trained by excellent nepalese dance teachers and the training will be provided in a professional dance hall. The dance competition is probably the first ever Dance School opened by Nepalese in Australia. Trainers for the dance competition are Roceena Chhettri and Bhawana Shakya who are selected from Vacancy Announcement. Anyone with any inquiries or want to join the classes can contact Adelaide Nepalfb_img_148174905923615424575_948061418660706_929471474_n