The DASARA is known as ‘DURGA PUJA’ in Bengali culture. So,to preserve their culture and religion the ‘Bengali puja and cultural society of Victoria ‘ (BPCSV) has been celebrating DURGA PUJA since 11 year in Melbourne. Like every year,This year also they are going to celebrate Durga puja on October3rd, 4th and 5th 2014 at the Hungerian community center.

he 1The celebration would be whole day on October 4th. In the Durga PUJA,they are going to perform cultural dance, songs, drama, pray, cultural clothing, art competition and games.It will be free entrance where everyone come and celebrate fully but if somebody wants to give donation for puja than it will be welcoming but it’s not compulsory.

he 2‘’In Bangladesh we celebrate DURGA PUJA for 5 days but in Melbourne due to some constraints of timing, we celebrate that in weekends along with Friday night’’ says Mr SHAYAN DATTA Asst. General Secretary of BPCSV. He added ”As far as I am concerned, whatever it is too far away from our country Bangladesh, to imprint our culture and tradition in our heart always we organised DURGA PUJA every year from BPCSV where each and every community people along with us celebrate the PUJA”

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