Seoul-Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), an international peace NGO headquartered in South Korea and accredited by the UN ECOSOC, is carrying out peace projects in the Philippines, starting with a peace agreement with local representatives of Mindanao.

Along with Chairman Man Hee Lee’s 8th visit to the Philippines, the organization sought peace building measures through the meeting with the House of Representatives, signing a MOA on peace education with Commission on Higher Education (CHED) of the Philippine government, interfaith dialogue to find commonality of the spirit of peace.

 Peace Advocate who participated in the 17th Congress in the Republic of the Philippines

 The 17th Congress of the Philippines announced a resolution on the support of the HWPL peace initiatives, proposed by the 3rd Annual Commemoration of the September 18th World Alliance of Religions Peace (WARP) Summit in 2017. By the invitation of Hon. Olivarez Eric L. in Quezon City, the congressmen and Chairman Lee of HWPL discussed applicable action plans of peace building in the Philippines based on the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) drafted by HWPL and the international law experts. The declaration addresses principles of international peace including religious/ethnic freedom and spreading a culture of peace.

The Philippine Religious Leaders discussed Religious Leaders’ Responsibility for Religious Freedom and Peace

On January 26th, an interfaith dialogue called the WARP Office Meeting was held to promote peace activities of religious leaders and to develop understanding among religions. Leaders of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and 1,300 students from Makati University attended this event.

Rev. Acharya Prem Shankaranand Tirth as the Hindu High Priest of Shree Gita Ashram said, “Since I was very clear the boundaries of religion, and while I participated in the WARP offices, I realized that the names of god in each religion are different, but in common, what God wanted to teach us was love and peace”.

“Religious people should love and respect others as they love themselves. I would like to ask what kind of God the religious leader who attempts to force religious conversion believes in and what doctrine he is practicing. Religious leaders should not try to exclude different religions but they should work together in harmony and do good in society,” he added regarding coercive conversion leading to a murder case in the Republic of Korea recently.

HWPL issued a statement of content to condemn some organizations that slandered activities of religious leaders in connection with the rise of religious rights and interests and to guarantee the participation of pure religious people in peace activities.

Mr. John Rommel Garces as a General Director of HWPL Philippine Branch said, “For the world peace, there is an increase in suppression and suppression of distorted reports by some religious leaders of the Republic of Korea on HWPL, which is cooperating with religious leaders around the world without any distinction of religions. Thus, HWPL has issued a statement to further strengthen the peace, the freedom of religion and human rights.”

 International NGO with an MOA for Peace Education with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) of the Philippine Government

 HWPL and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) of the Philippine government signed an MOA to build cooperation on peace education. HWPL has established peace education in the Philippines with education institutions such as Cotabato Polytechnic University, Roojas National High School and Vilo Central Elementary School.

HWPL’s peace education curriculum is expected to implement and expand systematic peace education in the Philippine schools through the coordination the CHED.