I always have a pure and secret dream of working in NASA throughout my entire childhood. But I decided to forget the dream of being an Astronaut and serving in NASA because it is said: “aiming to fly by a person who have hardly learned to crawl on ground is a crime.”

After reading lots of science magazines and articles related to physics, my dying dream again tries to get new life as a phoenix. I have decided to mail NASA expressing my keen interest on the universe and existing mysterious unpredictable matters. I have mailed them like this:

Hello there, This is me Gopal from Nepal. I actually have some queries, some expectations, some confusion, some hope, and some wishes that might seek your attention. I’m a student having keen interest in Physics ,studying Information Technology, hoping to get degree in Cosmology ,wishing to be an Astronaut, planning to build the mega city of ecopolis concept on the surface of mars ,and also currently working on the design of spacecraft that can really pass through the wormhole existed somewhere in this vast universe which is sometimes expanding and sometimes contracting with the every new conjecture brought forward every single day.

nasaActually, I’m building a time traveling vehicle that was designed on my own theory and are not obliged to Hawking’s time wraps. And I will be naming it ‘G-ornithopter’ G is by my name and ornithopter on the memory of flying object desiged by Da Vinci. I’m after the re-modification of hubble telescope with which we would be able to gather brief knowledge of the entire galaxy at a glance . I’m after the making of new Hadron Collider, it won’t be big though. I’m designing it to withstand beam of 23 TeV and would be just 2km in circumference and can be constructed 200 meters beneath.

The LHC (Large hadron collider ) would be then called as SHC (Small Hadron Collider). I hope it will help the physicist all around the globe in the study of supersymetric theories and to resolve the magical part of the mysterious physics. It will significantly revolutionize the understanding of the particles existing in this vast universe and their actual forming principles.

I’m hoping physicists will have in depth knowledge of Higgs boson particles’ properties after SHC. I will be……. Tirrnnnn Tirnnnn Tirnnn…( Alarm wokes me up)

This is what I had in my dream. Before I forget it, I somehow manage to note them. This dream re-energized my interest for astro-physics. I thanked my unconscious part of the brain for recalling my interest.

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