Women’s higher education was frowned upon in the early decades of the nineteenth century. A woman’s place was believed to be in the home and training in needlecraft seemed more important than training in algebra. In an era when the clinging- vine bride was the ideal, coeducation was regarded as frivolous.

Prejudices also prevailed that too much learning injured the feminine brain, undermined health and rendered lady unfit for marriage. Women were thought to be physically and emotionally weak, but also artistic and refined. Endowed with finely tuned moral sensibilities, they were the keepers of society’s conscience, with special responsibility to teach the young how to be good and productive citizens of the republic. Men were considered strong but crude, always in danger of slipping into some savage or beastly way of life if not guided by the gentle hands of their loving ladies. [Extract from: American Pageant]

The study of women history has this belief that the contribution of women were ignored and minimized because they assumed that men wrote most of the history. Women were only sex-stereotypically portrayed as mother, sister, daughter, and wife as per those men. But like men, women also played a vital role in changing the civilization into what it is now. Every country has it’s own story about how women stood for themselves or how they turned into a co-ordinates from sub-ordinates.

With time, Feminism started to rise with both advantages and disadvantages on the platter. Having said that, when we look around us now, we can see equal participation of both the genders in the daily life like parents taking alternative care of their children when one is off to work. We can also see the competition between both along with respect for each other. An education play a vital role in development of human kind and that was what I consider is to be the first step towards rising from the biasness. The advancement of the theory that said women should be educated has cultivated a good chance of field to be engaged into. Looking around and seeing involvement of females along with males does however supports my statement. Second, the radiance of employment opportunities that has come along after the establishment of Women rights created a hope of better days to come. After that, it was time for the myth to be uprooted, which had a great effect on women, the social construction of sexual behavior. Women were tortured and raped, and some were even enslaved as brothels. Then, came the style of clothing and mannerism.

Slowly, with time women have been able to bloom into beautiful flowers but there is always fear that someone may pluck it out. For women, rising from biasness has been a hell of a journey. Some society accepted it while some still has problem in gulping down the priorities given to genders. Education has flourished awareness, however, it has also created disasters.

Women aren’t treated same in every culture. There still are parts where the history still exists. A dark corner, somewhere still has cries of women stored, the scars covered and violence lightened. –

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