-Khim Raj Gautam

It’s really heart-rending Almost all Nepalese are staying in heavy hearts due to present poignant circumstances of the motherland. School children have been out of school for months.All the businesses are reeling, people are compelled to resort to cooking with extortionate firewood. Reconstruction caused by devastation earthquake is zilch. People have been obliged in search of temporary shelters and have been left in the lurch.

There is a miserable blockade on medical supplies, ambulances carrying the sick people have been torched. Public vehicles are being pelted with stones and woods. There is continuation increment of parallel black market economy. There has been perennial shooting in the border.We all can easily feel the inabilities, unpatriotic and responsibilities of the leaders as they have not opened their eyes and expand their hands to solve this downhearted crisis through serious negotiation.

I staunchly think that the time has come for the people to take matter into their own hands and call a referendum on federalism. Also, the current role of government is ineffective in such crisis and emergency situations. The government must play a critical role during this times but the exact role of government is unclear however.Many Nepalese are away from own country although being citizens of the country we must raise the questions to UN Eventhough its unfortunate to we Nepali as our disqualified government can’t solve the problems.Everyone knows that a core purpose of the United Nations is to promote respect for human rights.

The UN roles are for peacekeeping, cultivating of friendly relationships among states, assisting in alleviating poverty, hunger, disease, and illiteracy, and encouraging respect for human rights, providing a forum where nations work together for these goals. Do Nepalese able to deserve their human rights by vapid and soul- destructing blockade? Is not there any national and international laws against such aggressive and beleaguerment?So everyone should raise the voice from different social media against India’s unofficial blockade of Nepal that has, therefore, crippled life in this country of 30 million people.

Melbourne (Australia)

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